Mobile Applications


It is only in the early stages of 2011, that we have delved into the world of mobile games and applications. Since the rise of smartphones, the app industry has grown dramatically, so it’s only right that we get our teeth into this industry now rather than later.

If you have a idea for a great mobile or web app and would like us to develop it for you, give us a shout and we will be more than happy to give you a quote.

Below is the list of our upcoming and Submitted/Released applications:

Upcoming Apps

Released/Submitted Apps

- Code Name “New Build - In development
Currently in it’s early stages of development, but things are looking good.

Code Name “Phoenix” - In development
Currently in later stages of development, will be going into alpha testing soon

Code Name “Apollo” - In development
In its early stages of development, things are looking bright :)

UFO Tracker - In development
In Alpha testing, currently fixing a few bugs

 - Code Name “39W” - In design
An idea has been thought out, design will start shortly

Code Name “Xmas Cracker” - In design
Currently in the early design stages, No more info. 

- Code Name “SignLanguage“ - In design
A proto-type is in the works, but no major design work has been created, very very very early work. 

Croeso i Caernarfon – Released
A bilingual tourist companion app on iOS and Android.

NHC - Released

A Nominal Heat Calculator for your room to help you find the perfect stove.

F.L.O.W - Released

An addictive, fun and challenging word game

Save Xmas - Released

Simple catch em’ all type game, available now on the App Store

Ask Starry - Released

Submitted to Apple for review.  A simple Fortune Teller app with iAds.